Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Maker/Taker Narrative

The Republican Position

The Maker/Taker narrative combines
Two ways to classify Americans,
Which form the basis for republicans
To understand the democrats' designs.
The Makers all work hard responsibly
To keep their families sheltered clothed and fed,
While Takers ask the government instead
To make the Makers give them charity. 
Thus Takers vote for those who will allot
More resources to those who don't produce.
The democrat/republican divide
Is mirrored in the Maker/Taker plot.
Republicans are Makers and refuse
These bribes, in which the democrats confide.

For democrats to win, they must persuade
The poor that they are doomed to poverty
Unless they shift responsibility
To Makers. This insures that less is made,
So less and less is shared by more and more.
These policies the democrats support
Appeal only to Takers.  Thus they court
A population doomed to end up poor.
To demonize the right and justify
Continuation of these policies,
The democrats use class, race, sex, and creed
As false distinctions. Using these they pry
America towards two extremities
That foster fear and hatred without need.

The mission for republicans must be
To prove that all of us Americans
Can join the Makers.  If we follow plans
To help the poor produce, their dignity
Will be restored instead of undermined
By this dependency. Let's lend a hand
To help those up who have so long been banned
To welfare roles where now they are confined.
Prosperity can come to those who try!
Do not succumb to the erroneous myth
That all can thrive by mooching off success.
The Maker ideologies defy
Such empty promises and answer with
The truths that all republicans profess.

 America has reached the tipping point
Beyond which all are doomed to poverty.
Obama rode this vile complacency
To reelection. Makers will acquaint
Themselves with greater taxes, slower growth
And higher prices. Though this burden falls
On us we wish the Takers understood
It falls on them as well. There is no good
That comes from making Makers criminals.
And Takers, it is wrong to play the race
Card.  Democrats are trying to enslave
Minorities by focusing on hate!
Do not allow their message to debase
The land of the free and the home of the brave.
 Unite with us, before it is too late!

The Democrat Response

Minorities have voted democrat
In overwhelming numbers. Each in turn
Can be explained if you could just discern
The reasons why your message falls so flat.
First Asians, 3 to 1, reject your claim.
Per capita, they outproduce the whites
And start more businesses. By any rights,
Americans from Asia aren't to blame.
What of the Jews? They joined the Asians too,
And in the same proportions.  They don't take.
So are republicans condemning Blacks?
Hispanics? Can this narrative be true?
Or is it just a way for Whites to make
Excuses for their bigoted attacks?

Blacks and Hispanics do apply for aid
Far more than whites, but that's because they're poor.
No one would choose food stamps were it not for
A lack of options. Poor folk have not played
The system more than rich folk. After all,
The rich can lobby congress and we see
That Exxon Mobile pays no FIT
In spite of earning billions. If you call
The poor folk moochers, aren't the rich folk worse?
 Yet they aren't labeled irresponsible.
So we who voted for Obama say
The narrative republicans rehearse
Is bigoted as well as simply full
Of crap. That's why the people turn away.

Your bigotry is not confined to race.
When you insist on having prayer in schools
Does that mean Hindus? Muslims? Jews? The rules
You want give Christianity first place.
How do you think the other faiths will feel
If you don't make them equal? By their vote
We know your narrative just doesn't float.
No matter how you try to bring appeal
To solve your "demographic" problem, you
Have limited your core constituents
To just White Christian men. Do not protest
That you are for minorities.Your true
Position shows your party's reticence
To keep their rights from being dispossessed.

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