Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Choice of Royalty

On April 29th Prince William's bride
Appeared resplendent on her father's arm.
No art had failed to amplify the charm
And beauty that so naturally reside
In her. Westminster Abbey underscored
With lofty grandeur Kate's serenity,
And dual choirs enhanced the pageantry
With glorious strains as she made progress toward
The altar. Her exquisite dress and train
Caused every eye to mentally applaud
The heightening of her magnificence.
Then solemn oaths forever to remain
Within the bonds of marriage under God,
Were sealed with all the world as audience.

The grand procession eagerly was viewed
By all the nation, and so regally
The wedding party on the balcony
Appeared before the happy multitude.
From double kiss to RAF salutes
That had a flower girl covering her ears,
Each moment formed a picture that endears
Us to the royal couple's attributes.
The eight-tiered wedding cake -- a masterpiece
Was decorated with nine hundred flowers.
The rose, thistle, shamrock, daffodil,
And many blossoms filled up every crease.
Assembly of the pastry took two hours
Of splendid artistry and flawless skill.

For honeymoon the prince used all his leave.
Meanwhile, Westminster recommenced debate
About the proper way to castigate
The homeless people who can not conceive
Of any better place to sleep at night
Than on the streets.  The problem must exceed
The norm to make the council take such heed.
How else would this proposal see the light?
With this in mind, how can we justify
The massive cost the House of Windsor spent
Upon this wedding?  If these funds were used
For charity, could not the crown supply
A better option than this punishment
That makes rough sleepers even more abused?

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