Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Darth Dexter

(How we see him)
Darth Dexter is a sith lord
Who frightens all he sees.
No trick-or-treaters can afford
To be his enemies.

The force is not his ally.
It is his slave instead.
No Yoda puppy can defy
Him and not end up dead.

The lightning from his outstretched paw
Illuminates the dark!
In terror, all  his foes withdraw
From his resounding bark!

(How he sees himself)
Please get this costume off of me.
I only want to play
With all the kids who eagerly
Approach, then go away.

I can't see out the visor holes,
And the sleeves are so tight
That when I run, the costume pulls
My legs from left to right.

I wish that on this Halloween
The costume catalogue
Did not persuade you to demean
Your faithful Dexter dog!

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